Summer Internship: Marine Ecology

Thinking about an internship? Learn about how ENVS senior, Meg Withers, found opportunity and experience last summer in Greece. When is the right time to start looking for a summer internship? For some students, that time is now as some internship application deadlines are approaching in December, but for others the search starts in the… Continue reading Summer Internship: Marine Ecology

Student Field Research

Marine Ecology Field Experience -October 2018

During this semester’s Fall Break, eight intrepid Marine Ecology students squeezed themselves into the ENVS departmental van alongside microscopes, buckets, and zooplankton nets, and made their way down to Florida panhandle at Apalachicola Bay.  After a brief orientation to the ecosystems of Apalachicola Bay, St. Joseph Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico provided at the… Continue reading Marine Ecology Field Experience -October 2018