ENVS Faculty in the News

Emory students promote youth power at U.N. climate conference • 11/18/22

Soil quality critical to help some U.S. crops weather heat stress from climate change • 7/14/22

Climate change on course to hit U.S. Corn Belt especially hard, study finds • 5/24/22

Paint color-matcher quantifies iron levels in soil • 5/23/22

Heartland virus identified in lone star ticks in Georgia • 3/21/22

When People Take Pandemic Precautions, Gorillas Breathe Easier (NY Times) • 2/21/22

Health concerns grow as EPA probes metal plant next to Atlanta school (AJC) • 1/28/22

Diverse landcover boosts yields for major U.S. crops, study finds • 9/2/21

EPA funds Emory project to measure environmental contaminants, exposures in West Atlanta • 8/9/21

Mapping dengue hot spots pinpoints risks for Zika and chikungunya • 7/7/21

Zeroing in on a mosquito menace: Emory scientists tap big data to target a tiny predator and the viral diseases it spreads, including dengue fever and Zika (Professor Vazquez-Prokopec) • 6/23/21

EPA expands zone of potential lead contamination in west Atlanta (Professor Saikawa in AJC)  • 5/28/21

I am an Emory Researcher: Professor Eri Saikawa • 4/2021

And Then the Gorillas Started Coughing: Humans are spreading the coronavirus to other animals. What does that mean for all of us? (NYT Opinion feat. Professor Gillespie) • 2/19/21

Digging into the deep past: First-known iguana burrow fossil tells prehistoric tale of an island
and an iconic lizard (Professor Martin) • 12/9/20

Valuing ‘natural capital’ vital to avoid next pandemic, global experts warn • 12/1/20

After Lead Pollution Findings In Atlanta, A Free Program To Test Georgia Yards For Contamination • 11/10/20

U.S. Exits Paris Climate Accord after Trump Stalls Global Warming Action for Four Years • 11/4/20

The next pandemic: where is it coming from and how do we stop it? • 10/29/20

New lead screening method zooms in on highest-risk areas in Georgia • 10/26/20

Zoonotic Diseases: How Pathogens Jump Species • 7/13/20

Georgia Coast Atlas: A Portal to Hidden Stories – Emory scholars invite the world to travel through time and unique environments, via a public digital resource • 7/10/20

World Zoonoses Day: ‘We have to act now to avoid even bigger catastrophes’ Professor Gillespie in eScience Commons • 7/1/20

Risk stratification as a tool to guide Aedes aegypti control interventions in urban areas – Professor Vazquez-Prokopec YouTube • 6/18/20

Environmental Scientist Eri Saikawa Takes Lessons from Lead Contamination Crisis to Help Tackle the Next, COVID-19 • 6/4/20

Professor Gillespie interviewed on The Food Chain, from BBC World Service • 5/27/20

Professor Martin’s new book, Tracking the Georgia Isles, is now available! • 5/20/20

Pandemic lockdowns set up ‘natural experiment’ on air pollution (Professor Saikawa in eScience Commons) • 4/6/20

Covid 19 Threatens Great Apes: Professor Gillespie provides his expertise across media outlets • 4/9/20

‘Tip of the iceberg’: is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19? (Professor Gillespie featured in The Guardian) • 3/18/20

Spillover: Why germs jump species from animals to people -Professor Gillespie in eScienceCommons • 2/14/20

Professor Kitron awarded honorary degree at University of Turnin • 2/11/20

Emory soil analysis project leads to EPA site investigation • 12/6/19

Danger in the ground: Lead contaminates westside Atlanta neighborhood – Professor Saikawa’s work featured in AJC • 12/5/19

Research becomes policy: Manual for Indoor Residual Spraying in Urban Areas for Aedes aegypti Control (Professor Vazquez-Prokopec) • 10/9/19

Professor Gonzalo Vazquez-Prokopec interview with CBS This Morning • 8/3/19

Professor Gonzalo Vazquez-Prokopec Q & A about West Nile Virus • 8/1/19

Professor Saikawa awarded Microsoft AI for Earth grant • 7/25/19

Professor Saikawa named Sustainability Faculty Fellow • 1/24/19

Professor Kitron recognized for advancing Emory’s commitment to internationalization • 11/20/18

Climate change demands a fresh approach to water woes • 9/21/18

Dengue ‘hot spots’ provide map to chikungunya and Zika outbreaks • 6/4/18

Professor Gillespie featured in Emory Magazine – Hanging by a Thread: Why scientists are trying to keep the delicate, tattered fabric of the world’s flora and fauna from unraveling completely • 2/26/18

Chimpanzee studies highlight disease risk to all endangered wildlife • 1/26/18

Evolutionary ecology could benefit beekeepers battling diseases • 8/31/17