Alumni in ENVS

Snake Tracker: ENVS alumnus, Eric Breer (C’18)

Three months ago, Eric Breer (C’18), embarked on an opportunity to conduct field research in Thailand tracking king cobras and burmese pythons in the forest and agricultural areas around the Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve. Eric’s days are filled tracking his favorite reptiles and encountering critically endangered species, like the elongated tortoises that frequent the road leading to the research station. In addition to the research study, they also do snake removals from the local village, which includes fishing king cobras out of laundry baskets!

Eric was gracious enough to send along an update and a snapshot of his field work – always exciting to see what ENVS alums are doing!

I’m working for the Sakaerat Conservation and Snake Education Team, which conducts field research and community outreach in northeastern Thailand. The goal of the organization is to further our understanding of how snakes persist in their environments in order to conserve their populations, as well as to promote an understanding and appreciation for snakes among the locals. There are a few different studies going on at Sakaerat but I’m working specifically on the king cobra project, studying the spatial and thermal ecology of free-ranging, radio-tracked king cobras throughout the Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve and surrounding areas. I’ve always had a passion for wildlife conservation, and snakes in particular, so I knew getting the chance to work on this project was an opportunity and adventure I couldn’t pass up. – Eric Breer (C’18)