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Professor Saikawa & Professor Brosi Recognized for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring – Commencement 2019

We are thrilled to celebrate with Professors Saikawa & Brosi in their Emory College of Arts & Sciences awards for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring. Recognized at Emory’s Commencement ceremony on May 13, 2019, Professor Saikawa received the Emory Williams Award for Distinguished Teaching and Professor Brosi received the Emory College Award for Academic Advising. Please enjoy the excerpts below written by Emory’s College of Arts & Sciences:

Dr. Eri Saikawa, Associate Professor Environmental Sciences

Dr. Eri Saikawa is an interdisciplinary scientist whose research and teachking meld environmental policy with innovative, quantitative research that measures the source and magnitude of emissions linked to air pollution, ozone depletion, and climate change. From Emory’s classrooms and laboratories to Atlanta’s public forums and UN meetings abroad, Professor Saikawa positions Emory students to have an impact on the world.

Professor Saikawa joined Emory in 2013. She quickly became known as an “empowering” and energetic teacher who pushes students to engage deeply with their own learning and research, and to share their knowledge with the public. She regularly takes students into the broader community, presenting at the Carter Center, the Atlanta Science Festival, the Universities of Greener Georgia conference, and in primary and secondary schools. She has also led a research project with students on the west side of Atlanta to test and rehabilitate soils contaminated with heavy metals from old industrial pollution.

Professor Saikawa’s pursuit of science as a public vocation, and her encouragement of student participation, also extends to the global scale. She helped lead Emory’s 2014 accreditation as an official observer to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Since 2015, Professor Saikawa has led Emory delegations to annual UN climate negotiations around the world, and has helped secure funding for dozens of students to attend as part of the delegation.

Dr. Berry Brosi, Winship Distinguished Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences

Dr. Berry J. Brosi joined the Emory faculty in 2010. His lab, whish focuses on the community ecology of mutualisms, including the impact of pollinator species, draws many undergraduates who benefit from his “caring and attentive mentorship.” Dr. Brosi enthusiastically supports undergraduate research experiences, involving students in his lab early in their careers and nurturing their skills and confidence throughout their time at Emory. Always quick to alert students to scholarships, research opportunities, and interesting courses, Dr. Brosi consistently demonstrates genuine care for his students and their intellectual journeys. As an advisor, he inspires students with his work ethic and dedication; as on student commented, “we all feel like his number one priority.” His students note that he pushes them beyond their “comfort zone” by encouraging them to formulate interesting and useful research projects, to present at national conferences, and to write grant proposals. In the classroom, Dr. Brosi creates a caring and supportive learning environment through his friendly, approachable demeanor and excellent teaching. Outside the classroom, he takes a keen interest in his students’ personal and professional growth, helping them to stake their paths and to consider “how to adapt when life gets in the way.”