Student Field Research

Sapelo Island – spring 2018

Since 1997, Professor Tony Martin of the Department of Environmental Sciences has upheld a biannual tradition by leading a weekend field trip to Sapelo Island on the Georgia coast, with the weekend of February 23-25 as the latest version. This field trip is a required “shake-down cruise” for the students before they go to San Salvador Island (Bahamas) for the Modern and Ancient Tropical Environments Field Course. This time, though, was really special for the large number of faculty and other educators who came along, adding value to everyone’s educational experience.

What happened? Ecology! Geology! Live oaks! Spanish moss! Fiddler crabs! Alligators! Gnats! And much, much more. So take a look for yourself, and hope you learn something new. (Photos by Tony Martin and Ruth Schowalter.)